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Row Crops:
Farmers have been using our fertilizer as an economical source of highly available nutrients for their crops for years. Many of our customers using 9-18-9, 5-15-15, & 7-21-7 regularly win local and national yield contests, too!

Soil Testing:
Our recommendations for your farm are based on A & L Labs soil testing and plant analysis testing (when requested) so that you are only paying for the nutrients your crops need!

Starter Fertilizer:
Using 5 - 10 gallons at planting time as a starter fertilizer is a sound agronomic practice that helps emerging crops get off to a fast, healthy start. Because of the high quality raw materials that we use, and the fact that our products have a pH of 7 or higher, they can often be placed right with the seed, at safe rates that depend on your conditions and soil type, etc. And remember, our products are non-corrosive!

Roundup Ready Crops:
Many farmers have found that they can combine 3-4 gal/ac of 5-15-15 with Roundup and water when applying the herbicide spray to Roundup Ready crops. This helps to boost the health of the soybeans or corn, and may add to the weed killing power of the Roundup.

Foliar Fertilization:
Many growers have found that foliar feeding can add an extra boost to crop production by feeding the nutrients plants need at key times during the growing cycle. This is especially true in alfalfa and forage production. Pastures also benefit form this practice, after each grazing.

Our high quality micronutrients can be added to the starter or foliar fertilizer to deliver "prescription" blends when needed.



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