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Specialty Crops require Special Management!
Your fruit and vegetable crops need optimal nutrition, in the right form, at the right time, to produce maximum yields of high quality produce. As seen on the other pages in this site, our products fit the bill perfectly!!!

Foliar Feeding:
Many growers have discovered the value and benefits of regularly spoon feeding their crops through the growing season by foliar feeding. You can use your standard air blast sprayer, and simply include our fine products in with your regular pesticide sprays, or we can help you set up your boom sprayer with special nozzles that mist the [product on to the plants for effective absorption.

Many of our farm customers report dramatic increases in yield and quality using 9-18-9 and 5-15-15, plus earliness of harvest by using these methods. You can contact us for their reports.

Transplant Solutions:
Using a mild, diluted mix of our products in with your transplant water you can help to get transplants off to a quick start in cool Spring soils.



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